Best VoIP Phones For Sale | Small Business Phones For Sale | Office Phones For Sale

Best VoIP Phones For Sale | Small Business Phones For Sale | Office Phones For Sale

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ClearCall uses your high speed internet connection to deliver a high quality and very affordable business phone service. ClearCall’s VoIP phones for sale utilizes on site hardware and the power of cloud computing to deliver advanced features and quality of service you’d expect from a business class phone system. Our phone extensions installation is a breeze and ClearCall has plenty of room to grow with your business without breaking the bank.

Best VoIP Phones For Sale, VoIP Phones For Sale, Business Phones For Sale, Office Phones For Sale, Small Business Phones For Sale

“Finally a small business phone for sale with powerful tools that makes your business look good without the high price.”

Best VoIP Phones For Sale | Small Business Phones For Sale | Office Phones For Sale

Your ever growing, office deserves an office phone service that is made exactly the way you want it. You need a VoIP service that meets your every business communications need and is not the cookie cutter type of service that just doesn’t seem to fit. ClearCall provides you a business VoIP package built with features that can be tailored to suit your personal and business requirements.

ClearCall understands that every enterprise operates differently, which is why we offer you the ability to customize your phone system according to your needs. You may be running your business from your own home, or your business may involve ten different agents scattered across the country; ClearCall customer service will help you find and apply the most suitable phone system package for your business.

As one of the premier VoIP business phone service providers, ClearCall provides you with the power to manage and monitor all your important business connections, based on your organizational practices. Maybe you travel extensively and still need to receive calls for an ongoing contract negotiation or just have an answering machine that lets clients know your in mid flight and will get back to them as soon as you touch down. ClearCall USA make’s sure that you are always notified, via email or mobile phone, that you have received the fax document that your client has sent for review. We can make it so that you are relatively undisturbed after work hours by having calls received at that time sent to your voicemail to be reviewed the next work day. We can even set your VoIP business phone to have the calls forwarded to multiple extensions at once so the call will always be answered by someone in your organization no matter if they are in their office in or half way across the world.

Best VoIP Phones For Sale | Small Business Phones For Sale | Office Phones For Sale

ClearCall services make it so that your business phone system is very professional without completely destroying the personal touch that you and your company offer to all your customers and clients. Packages from ClearCall let you have the voice and image that you always wanted for your company instead of imposing a communication structure that is inflexible at best.

You can always upgrade and modify your VoIP phone as necessary for your organization easily and painlessly with the help ClearCall customer support. We help take your business phone system with you as you move, evolve and expand in your industry. Add more extensions to your system or delete extensions that are no longer relevant by following a few simple steps.

Restructure and streamline your entire business phone system in as little time as possible. Immediately implement all of the changes you have made to your phone system. Get an enterprise-class VoIP phone system with features that perfectly match with your company’s needs.

Why Buy a VoIP Phone?

With an excellent quality VoIP system installed and running well in your company office to provide remote access for you and your employees, you can work much more efficiently, while achieving more in less time. You will enjoy the many benefits of knowing that you can leave the responsibility of your advanced office telecommunications system operations to your VoIP business phone service provider while you handle other important business matters. Other major benefits and advantages of your new business VoIP phone system include allowing you to accomplish the following:

  • Schedule Your Own Business Hours. – With the aid of your comprehensive VoIP installation, you can virtually work whatever hours you choose, from any location. With one designated telephone extension, clients can reach you wherever you are by calling one number. This number can be programmed to ring through to all your phones at once—cell phone, home number, or any other number you direct calls to, including voicemail. The virtual extension can also handle your outgoing calls, whether you are in the office, at home, using your cell phone from the airport or at a hotel in another city. Also, the phone of your call’s recipient will register your number on caller ID, no matter what phone or digital device you place the call from.
  • Telecommute with Style and Ease. – With use of hosted PBX from the cloud, your advanced communications system can quickly connect you with another office or with everyone in your company, even if you have both national and international office locations. With the expert technology of hosted PBX, by dialing a single extension, you can be in touch with Pittsburgh or Paris.
  • Use Diverse Messaging Features. – Gain benefits from such messaging options as Voicemail Transcription so you can read textual messages while in meetings or other places where listening to messages is inappropriate or not possible. After receiving transcriptions, you can fax or email documents and carry on business quietly, all by using a few simple functions on your phone. You can also forward these transcribed messages to other business associates or staff members silently, without disturbing anyone around you. Even when you are in transit from your office to another location, many commuter trains and buses now enforce quiet policies and limit cellular phone use by passengers. However, this is never a problem when you have sophisticated Voicemail Transcription service as a feature of your company’s VoIP plan.
  • Request Multiple Phone Numbers. – VoIP providers often supply additional phone numbers to service subscribers, free of charge or for a nominal fee. Some providers offer virtual extensions, virtual faxing options and toll-free numbers. Your VoIP service may also include unlimited calling, directory assistance and Internet 911 connection. To gain ultimate competitive business advantages, consult your VoIP provider team to ensure that you understand all the features and functions available to you according to your advanced telecomm service plan. Let your VoIP system work fully for you to best customize and optimize your total business communications experience.

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Best VoIP Phones For Sale | Small Business Phones For Sale | Office Phones For Sale